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Why are Flowers the Perfect Gift?

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Let’s face it, flowers are simply the perfect gift not only for the receiver, but for the one giving.  Flowers are appropriate for all occasions.  You can never go wrong when you send flowers whether it be to say get well, I’m sorry, happy birthday, or for a wedding, anniversary, or as a birthday gift.  There is a flower to be had for all occasions!

Not only that, but flowers are appreciated and well respected as a gift by nearly everyone, irregardless of their age, race, cultural background, or socio-economic status.  Everyone loves to get flowers no matter who they are.  They are fragrant, beautiful to look at, and well understood to mean that whoever sent them obviously cares a great deal about you.  It is the symbolism and thousands of years of tradition behind flowers that makes them such an attractive and well received gift.

Flowers come in a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and colors that can suit nearly any taste.  They also range from the very affordable all the way to the ultra extravagant and luxurious.  No other gift has such a wide range of selection and pricing.   They are also widely available at your local florist, supermarket, street corner, or even online.  And better yet, when was the last time you saw someone re-gift a flower?

Flowers make such a great gift because they are easy to buy.  With hardly any thought, you can give a gift that says I was thinking of you, yet you don’t look like you spent 5 seconds picking it out.  Unlike gift cards, cash, or other gifts flowers are almost always welcome.  How many times have you received a gift card to a place that you would never go?  Or a tie that you’ve never worn?  Or how many times have you bought a cd, dvd, or piece of jewelry for your loved one that they don’t really appreciate?

Flowers are almost universally appreciated by everyone not because of what they are, but because of what they represent.  They have deep, symbolic meanings that touch the subconscious in a way that everyone who receives a gift of flowers appreciates them.