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How to Say I’m Sorry With Flowers

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Sincere apologies often come with flowers.  Why is this?  Because flowers communicate deep subconscious messages that go far beyond words.  Buying flowers to say “I’m sorry” works because unlike words, flowers are always sincere and don’t often say the wrong thing.  Thousands of years of history and constant conditioning have led many people to accept flowers as a universal offering of peace and apology.

If you’re apologizing to a romantic partner, nothing beats red roses.  Red roses symbolize love and affection and is a way to reaffirm the strength and depth of your love and devotion to one another.  Of course buying tulips is also a good idea.  White tulips are often taken to mean peace and forgiveness between loved ones.

If you’re saying I’m sorry to a family member or close friend, pickup a flower with big cheery petals such as a daisy or chrysanthemum in a light color such as white, yellow or light red.  White signifies peace and forgiveness, while a light red tells someone of your affection and friendship with them.  Yellow flowers are often associated with friendship and happiness.  It tells someone that you are sorry and that all is forgiven between the two of you.

For more distant or professional apologies, try a carnation or even a tulip in yellow or white.  Tulips have grown in such popularity now that it is now considered acceptable to give them to colleagues and acquaintances without fear of sending an overly affectionate message.  On the other hand, you might want to avoid roses as they might send unwanted romantic signals in the workplace.

Whether your flowers come from a local florist or from an online florist, know that it is hard for someone to stay mad at you when you send them a beautiful bouquet of flowers along with a heartfelt message of apology.