Great Wedding Anniversary Flower Ideas

Flowers are such a beautiful, fragrant, memorable, and always appropriate gift for wedding anniversaries.  It is a gift that crosses all age and cultural lines and is sure to please.   As an added bonus, flowers are readily available in most areas and with a wide selection to fit almost any budget. These are the traditional flowers often associated with each wedding year anniversary:

  • 1st – Pansy
  • 2nd – Cosmos
  • 3rd – Fuchsia
  • 4th – Germanium
  • 5th – Daisy
  • 6th – Calla Lily
  • 7th – Jack in the pulpit
  • 8th – Clematis
  • 9th – Poppies
  • 10th – Daffodils
  • 11th – Morning glory
  • 12th – Peonies
  • 13th – Hollyhock
  • 14th – Dahlia
  • 15th – Roses
  • 20th – Day Lily
  • 25th – Iris
  • 30th – Sweet pea
  • 40th – Nasturtium
  • 50th – Violet

However, if your significant other has a favorite flower such as a rose, tulip, or daisy you should strongly consider giving those instead.  You might also want to consider sending a memorable flower which has strong significance in your relationship, such as the kind you gave on your first date or the flower you had at your wedding.

Try and match each traditional wedding anniversary flower with a strong theme.  Perhaps this year was a year where you and your spouse developed a deep emotional bond, in which case a deep red color might be appropriate if available.  Or if the two of you found spiritual enlightenment together, white flowers which signifies purity and spiritual strength might be used.

If you don’t have time to go hunting for traditional wedding anniversary flowers, deep red roses are always appreciated and traditionally signify deep passion, love, and romance.  Thousands of years of history and culture have conditioned many people to believe that roses are the penultimate symbol of love.  So just remember, if you’re shopping online for flowers or at your local florist and can’t remember the list of traditional wedding anniversary flowers, just remember that deep red roses are always appropriate.

Flowers always make a quick and easy gift for a wedding anniversary, yet at the same time they show thoughtfulness and are sure to be cherished and appreciated.


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