Tips for Hiding Flowers

So you’ve purchased a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your loved one from a local florist or online florist.  The flowers have arrived, but your loved one is still at work or away.  Or maybe they are at home, but that special occasion is still a day or two away.  How do you hide those flowers so that not only do they still look fresh and appealing, but so that no one will find them?

Obviously, you will need to take two things into consideration.  First, you don’t want to put the flowers in a place that someone will stumble upon them and discover them.  You’ll also need to accommodate the size of the bouquet.  Second, you don’t want the flowers dying or looking wilted because you stuck them in the wrong location.  While fresh flowers are always a welcome sight, nobody likes to receive dead or wilted flowers.

The best place to hide things including flowers then are places where no one goes regularly.  That would usually eliminate places such as the primary bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.  Try to find a place that is rarely used, such as a guest bedroom or closet.  It’s key to find a location for your fresh flowers that is cool (around room temperature or slightly below), out of the sun and relatively dry.  Make sure that nothing is lying on top of or crushing the petals.  Feel free to be creative if you need to remove the flowers from the water or vase.  Flowers can generally keep for several hours without being in water.

If you’re planning on keeping them hidden for more than a day, add some homemade plant food to prolong life.  Add 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of lemon per pint of water and mix.   Be sure to check the water level after a few days if necessary.

Hiding flowers for extended periods of time is generally not a good idea.  If you really want to surprise someone without having to remember the exact day you need to go to the local florist to pickup some flowers, try ordering your flowers online ahead of time and getting them delivered on the date you need them.  That way the flowers are guaranteed to be fresh when you surprise your loved one.


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